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How Drain Tile Protects Your Home

We all want a dry basement, so to keep it dry you must ensure that you have a suitable drain system. When buying a home have the inspector check to see what sort of condition the weeping tiles are in. If this has been your place for a few years and you are unaware of the drain tile function then this is a good time to find out.

If the drain tile, or perimeter drain as some people call them, is starting to deteriorate then you should begin delving into who can help you get things back to normal.

Different Kinds of Perimeter Drains

When your foundation was first built, the contractors would have made a level surface with dirt before pouring the cement base. Some builders will add a layer of rocks on top of the dirt to improve drainage. And then the drain tile is set up above the dirt and usually surrounded by gravel to keep the pipes from plugging with mud.

Suitable Installation Techniques

If a drainage system was put in mud, the pipes eventually fill with silt and probably roots. In a few years you end up with plugged drain tile. A good installation is done above the mud and typically surrounded by gravel. Even in a good outside installation these pipes must be flushed every couple years to clear the blockage. If they are failing there are options, some good some not so good.

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Inside Drain Tile VS Outside Perimeter Drains

If you are considering upgrading the drain tile this can be an pricey proposition, but there are choices. In some situations you may choose to install gravity drains on the outer perimeter of the home. New gravity drains ought to be covered with crushed rock, a layer of dirt and then top soil. This is usually quite expensive because there is excavating involved and there is the risk of the same situation happening again. In most circumstances it is best to install a drain system inside the place if you know who to call. Most basements start to leak over time so a good quality drain system with a sump pump will generally take care of things at a lower cost.

Sump Pumps

If it sounds like a sump pump is necessary then discuss that with the contractor. In some cases a sump pump back-up system is called for, so do your homework and set things up to last. You won’t regret installing superior equipment that matches the water flow in your area.

Sump pumps are typically better than gravity drains since the water is flowing faster and forces the dirt through so it doesn’t settle. They are also able to pump water away from the residence in heavy rains where gravity drains are limited in some circumstances.