Plumbing Tips For The Honey-Do List

Plumbing nightmares are more common than you may think, and many people believe that aging plumbing can ruin their home if left unchecked.

Important Home Owners Tip

Find your main water valve so you can get to it if a pipe bursts or something happens that could cause a flood. If you know where your main water valve is you can quickly turn off your water supply in an emergency and prevent further water damage.

Plumbing Tips Video

Plumbing tools can be a bit of an investment, but worth it if you want to save money doing simple plumbing chores yourself. The web has tons of video files that show you how to fix simple plumbing issues. Investing some money in good tools can spare you the cost of calling a plumbing professional.

Quality Parts

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to replacing something like a shower head. If you opt for a cheap shower head instead of a quality product it doesn’t work as well and will break down faster than a quality part.

You can purchase a flood alarm to warn of a sewer back up or clogged toilet.  When water reaches a certain level the flood alarm goes off. It will be a battery-operated device similar to a smoke alarm and needs to be changed once a year with the smoke alarm batteries. Flooding and leaks are easily prevented through the installation of a flood alarm.

You can save a lot of money in your energy bills by putting in efficient shower heads. You use the majority of your hot water in the shower. Installing the energy-efficient heads, you will be able to save in excess of $100 per year.

How To Find A Good Plumber

If you are looking for a plumbing contractor check with the Department of Consumer Affairs if you have the time. You can check that their license is up to date and if there are any complaints against them. Unless a contractor’s license is in favorable standing and up-to-date, you wouldn’t want to work with them.

Hire An Skilled Plumbing Company

Quality work is always the right choice. Hiring someone because of price may land you in hot water. Sloppy work can cause problems that bite back later and if the work has to be redone by a licensed contractor will probably cost more than the first time. Get the work done right the first time and hire one of the local plumbers listed here. Qualifications are important when you are paying for something that should last 5 to 10 years, or longer in some cases. Quality pays for itself over time.

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